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Caterham Teams up with Harrods for a Special Caterham Seven

By Victor Baker


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Harrods Special Edition

Customization programs have become the usual treat from exclusive car makers for picky customers right now, and Caterham is just the latest entry to this club. The British sportscar maker has teamed up with Harrods to launch its bespoke program, with a very special edition of the Caterham Seven.

Simply called the Harrods Special Edition, this amazing little car shows off several upgrades which give us a glimpse of what customization options will be available for future Caterham owners. Based on a 420S model, which means a 2.0-liter Ford engine developing 210 hp, this wonderful sports car features a “Harrods green” paint job, with white stripes and a chic gold pinstripe.

Harrods Special Edition

The interior of this special Caterham Seven has been also retouched, featuring right now a butterscotch leather upholstery and embroidered logos on the seats. According to the British automaker, the overall styling of this sports car has been imagined in collaboration with the designers from Harrods and can be associated with various fashion and luxury items.

As such, you should not be surprised by this car’s £59,999 ($74,137) price-tag, which is somewhat justified by the exclusivity of the vehicle and Caterham’s luxurious approach to car manufacturing. So, what will it be: rudimentary and tough, or simply mesmerizing and stylish?

Harrods Special Edition


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