Cable Car Turned Luxury Apartment Hanging 9,000Ft. in the Air in Courcheval

We’ve seen plenty of unique and luxurious holiday destinations, but this one really brings a new meaning to the words ‘high-end!!’ It is in fact a cable car suspended in the air near the prominent resort town of Courcheval, in the French Alps, which has been converted into a comfortable one-bedroom, two-bed apartment, which ca house up to four guests at a time.

Even if claustrophobia doesn’t seem to be a problem, vertigo just might be, since this peculiar room is raised up to highest point in Courcheval, near the Sommet de la Saulire, 9,000 feet in the air! So it’s not exactly the penthouse of a 5-star hotel, though the views might be better, and it is, in a way, just as exclusive. The entire thing is part of Airbnb’s “A Night At” program, which aims to promote the room-sharing service by giving away this sort of unconventional 24-hour getaways in outlandish locations, like a commercial jet or even an IKEA.

If you’re interested, all you have to do is go to the listing’s Airbnb page and explain in 100 words or less why you would like to win the night.