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Bunnahabhain Distillery Rare 40 YO Islay Single Malt

By Adrian Prisca


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Bunnahabhain Distillery has been located on the northern shore of Islay for more than 130 years now and proudly boasts with the flagship malt whisky which carries the “gentle taste of Islay”, the only non-peated Islay malt, since the year it was founded, 1881.

Nowadays, to please connoiseurs and top international collectors of rare malts, the folk behind Bunnahabhain have announced a unique single malt which has been kept undiscovered for more than 40 years now at the distillery.

The “40 to Islay” has been quietly maturing for more than 4 decades, having been discovered by Master Distiller Ian McMillan. In fact, Mr. McMillan admits to the importance of the discovery after finding the “Turney” casks filled with the precious Bunnahabhain malt liquor for more than 4 decades now, by J G Turney, famous wine merchants from Glasgow.

And considering that the discovery also needed some publicity, Ian McIntosh, a famous illustrator, was summoned to retrace the voyage of the malt through the uniquely and specially designed etiquettes.

The rare 40 YO Islay Single Malt will be available as a limited edition of 750 bottles, each of them individually numbered and hand signed. Each bottle will be priced at $3,195 and will reportedly come in a bespoke oak gift box with a secret compartment that provides an incursion into the “Journey of Discovery”.


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