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Award-winning Beach House in Florida up for Sale

By Adrian Prisca


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Florida is stuffed with weird homes, beautiful residences, luxurious estates and generous mansions. One of the weirdly designed residences in the respective county is this beach house. It has been given architectural awards due to its Rubik Cube shape. Located in the enclosed Sanderling Club on Siesta Key, the building sits on a 1.53-acre terrain.

It has been designed by Guy Peterson, a renowned architect from Sarasota, using a color-coded cube system to distribute living spaces. The mansion is endowed with both light and shade, for a sense of freedom and brightness, but also for a bit of privacy. This is accomplished through the deep overhangs the house was added.

Also, along with the terrain, comes a private heated swimming pool, that allows either lap swimming or water polo games. This resort-like home’s pool is also fitted with a slide for a bit more fun as well as a huge Jacuzzi, perfect for abolishing any form of stress.

There’s also a volleyball court that can be used by people of all ages, a fire pit that’s ideal for gatherings or just a lounge-near-the-fire atmosphere. The residence comprises even more amenities, like central heating and air conditioning, automatic garage-door, spa, wet bar, wood cabinets, stone counters, walk in closet for every clothes and accessories one would like to shed, elevator and storage room.

For a price of $14.5 million, this Rubik Cube-shaped residence can be bought through Mayfair International Realty members Michael Saunders & Company.


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