Amphibious Iguana 29 gets smaller sibling, the Iguana 24

Last year we’ve seen the Iguana 29 amphibious vehicle getting out the factory, with its caterpillar tracks system. The same brand has now released some details regarding their newest project, the Iguana 24, which is actually a smaller version of the previous.

This vehicle uses exactly the same caterpillar tracks as the 29 version, providing very efficient traction over tough terrain, at speeds of up to 5 mph (8 km/h). The performances of this incredible vehicle in the water are a bit more intriguing: it can actually go faster than its larger sibling, being able to reach speeds of 38 knots (70 km/h) – this is actually 3 knots faster than the larger Iguana 29.

Its reduced size has its own downfalls – for example it has a lower carrying capacity than the previous, being able to pick up just 8 passengers, 2 less than the 29 model. But don’t think the iguana 29 is the largest they’ll ever make – we’ve heard of some plans to build a larger amphibious vehicle.

The amphibious contraptions are more and more required, simply because they’re more facile for everyone, more efficient than having to move from the boat to the car when getting out of the water. It’s been actually an explosion of such vehicles during the last ten to fifteen years, mainly because they are getting more and more efficient and good-looking.