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Amazing Luxury Camper Van by Marchi Mobile

By Adrian Prisca


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We rarely get to see efficiency, innovative designs, luxury and performance put together into one simple object. Truth is, this is totally not a simple object. Marchi Mobile presents this awesome piece of work and engineering, a luxurious motor-home, with state-of-the-art technology.

Almost everything in the Marchi Mobile Luxury Camper Van is retractable, to create more space whenever necessary. The van comprises 40-inch satellite TV and internet, an integrated communication and location system, a bathroom with a shower-corner and of course a kitchen. There is also a bar, a luxurious cabin for the driver, an extendable shelf with space for shoes, plus the 6 business class lounge chairs got integrated massage.

The van’s interior will cover a space of around 30 sq meters. The vehicle comes with a 510 HP motor, with automatic gearbox and a carbon diffuser dual-sport exhaust. The wheels are as big as 28 inches, made of alloy. The road-assistance system offers some degree of safety to the van, while the one-arm windscreen wiper ensures great visibility on every type of weather.

We hope it comes in production soon, given the fact that recently more and more people prefer relaxation through travelling.

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