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Alexander McQueen Is Selling His London Penthouse For $10.6 Million

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Alexander McQueen London Penthouse

For those of you who aren’t aware yet, Alexander McQueen’s incredible Mayfair property has been recently put on the market, with the famous designer’s property costing as much as $10.6 million. Purchased back in 2009, this marvelous London Penthouse didn’t get to be enjoyed too much by McQueen, as the British designer took his own life in 2010 – not within these walls, we hope.

Following a stylish refurbishment in these last couple of years, this stunning home honors the British designer and offers 1,790 square feet of living areas within a duplex penthouse, including a roof terrace with gorgeous views of Mayfair, marble bathrooms, two VIP bedroom suites, and a 10-seat dining area.

Alexander McQueen London Penthouse

Wonderful details are to be mentioned and enjoyed throughout the home, such as McQueen’s signature skull motif, photographs of his most famous fashion shoots, and much more. Originally built back in 1897, this lovely property was once called ‘home’ by His Highness Alexander Mountbatten, the grandson of Queen Victoria, and relative of Louis and Philip Mountbatten.

We think there are already enough reasons to get you to notice this incredible property and to make you inquire a bit more at a Mayfair estate agent before deciding to purchase this lavish London penthouse.

Alexander McQueen London Penthouse

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