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A True Belvedere Home in Belvedere, California

By Adrian Prisca


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Located among marvelous grounds, with superb landscapes and breathtaking views, this unique home lies on the most western cape of the Belvedere Island, with views over the Golden Gate Bridge, the town of San Francisco and Mount Tamalpais through Sausalito. The residence overviews the San Francisco Bay and offers its inhabitants the great pleasure of living.

The estate was designed by Warren Callister and it comprises a huge list of rooms and amenities. We will start with the main residence: five bedrooms, four full and 3 half-baths, plus one separate bedroom, a bath-guest apartment that also has a kitchen and living-room.

There are also vast living rooms and dining rooms, towards which the access is made through beautiful French doors, also offering views over the side terraces and the three-level lawn areas. Furthermore, it comprises a library with its own fireplace and an office with built-ins, while there are also a top-floor master suite with baths for him and her, a private view-side terrace and intimate dressing areas.

This Belvedere home is even better equipped, besides from the main residence, with a seven-slot car park, three-car enclosed garage, state-of-the-art gate access, guest quarters, six bedrooms, three half-baths and five full-baths, all spanning over 9,500 sq ft of covered terrain. The whole lot costs $21,950,000.


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