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A Stunning Fashion Statement: The Cartier Koinobori Secret Watch

By Victor Baker


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Cartier Koinobori Secret

A mesmerizing celebration of the renowned French maison, the Cartier High Jewelry Koinobori Secret watch has been introduced at last year’s Watches & Wonders, in Hong Kong, featuring a unique bracelet that will reveal its secret only to the people who truly deserve it – and can afford it: a subtle, hidden watch dial.

Cartier’s latest creation was inspired by traditional Japanese culture, with beautiful waves and amazing gem stones symbolizing the irreversible passing of time. Koinobori, or “carp streamer” in Japanese, is a subtle hint towards the unique balletic journey of this fish and its important role in traditional Japanese painting and culture.

Cartier Koinobori Secret

The Cartier High Jewelry Koinobori Secret sizzles with an 18-carat white-gold cuff, embedded with sixteen oval-cut rubies from Mozambique that are worth a total of 16.66 carats. These rubies could easily hypnotize anyone, creating a wonderful contrast with the sparkling diamonds that reflect light from the background.

This incredible jewelry piece could easily help you make a statement wherever you go, and it’s yet another proof that Cartier’s master craftsmen are the best in the world – they’ve apparently spent over one thousand hours working on this incredible piece alone.

The Koinobori Secret watch also evokes the continuous movement of a river, that’s beautiful and dangerous in the same time, revealing its secrets only to the most daring people.

Cartier Koinobori Secret


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