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5-Point Luxury to Do List at The Ritz London on Piccadilly

The Ritz London 1

The European elites have always done their part in establishing gambling as a lavish past time. You can see it throughout history from all kinds of media pieces, like books, movies and even music. The London gaming scene in particular has always been a major attraction for the rich and famous.

Big investments over the last few years in iconic gambling establishments have kept enthusiasts on their toes, eager to see how everything will look and feel once it is completely refurbished. For instance, 2020’s most awaited reopening is that of the renowned Clermont Club Casino, in Berkeley Square.

The Ritz London 2

In the modern-day era though, gambling has quickly moved to the online world, especially with the lockdowns from these last couple of months. If you want to keep the noble aspect alive and play your favorite games at home, check out Kingcasinobonus and all the hand-picked bonuses that it offers. But let’s get back to London.

One of the exemplary places to play in style in central London, located between Hyde Park and The Big Ben, is the Ritz Club. It has the great advantage of privacy, as it is on the underground level of the imposing hotel building, offering, among other things, rooms that host private games. That works in the favour of high-profile guests that want a few hours outside the spotlight and paparazzi camera flashes.

The poker and roulette tables are not the only great things of the Ritz London. Here are other 5 activities that the hospitality spot offers, which professional travellers and socialites can hardly see matched anywhere else.

Spend the night in one of the opulent rooms or suites

The Ritz London 6

Depending on how large your gathering is or if you are just looking for an oasis of comfort and silence just for yourself, you can choose anything from a King or Queen room or any of the suites, even the Signatures options. Each space has its own personality, following a theme, a colour-board and all are embellished with original artworks from the European masters of the Renaissance and beyond.

For people that are particular about their view, they should book The Green Park Suite, the windows of which capture the beautiful landscapes of the surrounding parks.

Take a peaceful walk in the luxuriant surroundings


Central London will never get out of style. It encapsulates so many facets of the capital city, that all kinds of folks are attracted to it, each side for different reasons. If you are part of the group that loves gardens and their serenity, it is doubtful that you can find more options than the number around the Ritz London.

At a walking distance a fellow tourist or guest can explore Saint James’ Park, The Buckingham Palace Gardens and, a bit farther than these two, Hyde Park. Soak into the mastery of English gardens and be on the lookout for the Guard Change in front the Palace, a ceremony dating back to King Charles II reign.

Engage in the fanciest afternoon tea experience

The Ritz London 3

As much as the world sees having tea as a British overused trope, the Ritz London respects the love of the Brits for this ceremony and considers it a daily break from the hecticness of life. Not only that, but it brings it to a whole different level of elegance. You can go there and take your mind off things for a bit or even celebrate something dear to you by throwing a tea party.

There are 4 options to choose from, all requiring guests to follow a dress code and giving them a chance to savour high-end tea selections as well as eye-catching French pastries and desserts.

Eat your meals at the Michelin-starred restaurant

The Ritz London 4

The man that started all, César Ritz, knew that a hospitable place is not complete if it does not have a great chef that creates a signature menu. To keep his amazing achievements alive and pay homage to them at the same time, the Ritz kitchen and restaurant maintains one of the highest culinary standards in the British Isles.

You can count on the Michelin-starred food and the amazing live shows that accompany the guests almost nightly. All encapsulated in the restaurant hall, a museum-worthy jewel of taste and rococo design.

Take a ride on the Phantom Rolls Royce

The Ritz London 8

Another source of Brit pride is the creation of the Rolls Royce cars, wanted for collectors all around the world. If you check in at the Ritz London, you will have access to ride the Ritz Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB, a one-of-a-kind motor build in Sussex. Once you pick this ride, you will be able to live through a complete experience, with your private chauffeur, TV and Wi-Fi connection and more. The Ritz London official site deems this ride as the most silent one out of the Rolls Royce catalogue.

Professional travellers, travel bloggers and vloggers and all-around lovers of the aesthetically pleasant, should not miss the Ritz London experience. It is one of the places that keeps the essential luxury standard of the older times and, at the same time, dictates the modern standard of the hotel living. It has to be on your essential “To Visit” list!


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