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3 Luxury Interior Design Inspirations To Breathe More Life Into Your Home

By Niamh Miller


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The luxury interior design market was projected to grow to over $65 billion by 2024, according to the latest data from All Market Insights. Even in this strange, when most of us have spent weeks at home, people have invested more than ever in their home interiors. That’s because we all want to create a relaxing all-in-one home environment, that contains all the amenities and features we want.

The current market climate also places greater emphasis on real estate value. Hence, people are taking this opportunity to increase their property value. Here are 3 luxury interior design inspirations to breathe more life into your home. 

Living Rooms That Give Life Through Color And Art 

Luxury Living Room Decor

Living rooms truly come to life with colors that perk you up and invoke a sense of energy. Vibrant and unusual colors, such as orange and purple, are great for stimulating the senses if applied correctly. You can also choose a high-contrast color scheme.

For example, sheer white floor tiles contrasted by a dark ceiling and furniture create a serene, free-flowing look. Contrast does not have to be too extreme, however. It can be achieved more subtly with color gradients. Gray or beige furniture with tan cushions and pillows work well to achieve this. Add black accent pieces such as center and side tables to give structure to the room’s color scheme.

Luxury Living Room Wall Pattern

Aside from colors, trimmings and patterns also play a big part in breathing life into the living room. Even a single accent wall, attractively tiled and patterned, can make an otherwise bland room eye-catching.

Decor can create a theme that sets your living room apart from others. Furniture can be functional art pieces that can turn your living room into a miniature exhibit of fine craftsmanship.

Kitchens That Combine Luxury With Functionality 

luxury kitchen design

A rising trend among luxury kitchen designs is taking inspiration from trendy cafe-restaurants. This involves features such as brick floor tiling and tall ingredient shelves for a home kitchen. Together, they imitate the familiar feeling of a bistro that calms the mind and stokes the appetite.

Others opt for a more monochromatic color scheme. For example, cream walls are juxtaposed with grey cabinets and granite countertops. Warm-colored backsplashes give these schemes some eye-catching contrast. But beyond designs and aesthetic choices, the thing that truly makes a luxury kitchen is customizability.

cool modular kitchen design

The purpose of a kitchen is to make preparing high-quality food as easy and convenient as possible. Interior decorator Jennifer Fisher says a custom modular kitchen design is best for this purpose. A modular luxury kitchen can look attractive while delivering everything a cook of any skill level will need.

Bedrooms That Make You Feel Tranquil And At Home 

Cool bedroom design

Bedrooms are meant to surround you in comfort and lull you to sleep. This is why many people make heavy use of the color blue in their bedrooms. Blue, especially dark blue, is better at replicating the color of the night sky. This is a psychological sleep trigger for humans. Some people choose to make the furniture blue, while others opt to color the carpet, walls, and ceiling.

Whichever you choose, it’s best to accent a blue bedroom with light colors, and vice versa. Gilded chandeliers and silvery stand lamps make for the perfect trimmings in the bedroom.

Cozy Bedroom decor

Aside from color, you can also make a bedroom feel both comfy and luxurious with the right theme and aesthetic. A rising trend among interior designers is Bohemian-style design. This entails peculiar design choices, such as making a bed canopy out of Japanese paper umbrellas.

What would seem like something only eccentrics would prefer has found surprising popularity amongst luxury design enthusiasts. This could be because it can appeal to a wide variety of aesthetic preferences. It all comes down to what you find to be comforting and fitting for your inner sanctum.

Luxury is a state of mind.

Innovative concepts of unlikely luxury, such as Bohemian-style bedrooms, prove this. Whichever designs you take inspiration from, know that trends are only there to whet your imagination, not a rulebook to be followed.

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