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The One-Off Ferrari SP38 Looks Absolutely Incredible!

Ferrari SP38

Ferrari’s One-Off program has done it again! After releasing cars like Ferrari 458 MM Speciale, the SP Arya, the F12 TRS, or the super limited-run Ferrari J50, they’ve unveiled a new one-off supercar this week: the Ferrari SP38. This new Special Projects model is based on the impressive 488 GTB platform, and it was unveiled at Fiorano to a special customer.

Designed by the Ferrari Style Centre, the SP38 seems to be inspired by the iconic Ferrari F40. It comes with cool new headlights, a thin front bumper lip and hidden side air intakes. At the back, the rear bonnet and window have been replaced by a carbon fiber structure. Looking good, right?

Ferrari SP38

Speaking of updates, that mesmerizing shade of red is actually a bespoke triple-layer metallic red that was designed specifically for this car. And if you’re thinking about what the lucky owner of this beauty will find inside the cockpit, I’m sorry to say you will be disappointed. Ferrari hasn’t revealed any details about the interior spec yet, but we’re sure their Taylor Made program came up with some very special for this one-off supercar.

If you’re already jealous, you should know that he Ferrari SP38 is no different than the 488 GTB, at least where it counts. It comes with the same 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8, that’s good for about 670 hp and 760 Nm. As a result, the SP38 will do 0 to 100 km/h in around 3.0 seconds and reach a top speed of around 330 km/h. Does that sound OK?

Ferrari SP38


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