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The Boeing 737 MAX 10 Lands at the Paris Air Show

Boeing 737 MAX 10

The 2017 Paris Air Show got everyone excited in these last couple of days, and even news anchors had plenty of things to talk about. After the new French President Emmanuel Macron flew in, Boeing has revealed their brand new 737 Max 10 airplanes, which aim to take over the skies in the next years, quite literally.

Set to accommodate as many as 230 passengers, Boeing’s new 737 brags about the lowest seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane ever, and it also extends the range capability of the 737 MAX by 200 nautical miles of nothing but high quality services and safety. Design changes for the Boeing 737 MAX 10 include a fuselage stretch of 66 inches, a lighter flat aft pressure bulkhead, and modified wings that promise low-speed drag reduction.

Boeing 737 MAX 10

According to the renowned aircraft maker, these new winglets are apparently the most efficient ever designed for a production plane, with advanced manufacturing technologies allowing the air to flow easier than ever. On the inside, all technical details seem to dissipate, as passengers are welcomed by an innovative Boeing Sky interior, featuring modern sculpted sidewalls, customizable LED lighting, large flight deck displays, and many other improvements.

Furthermore. a CFM International LEAP-1B engine, with carbon fiber fan blades and a titanium leading edge, promises extremely low noise levels, while carbon and NOx emissions are headed in the same reduced direction. So, the natural question to be thinking about is this: Where to?

Boeing 737 MAX 10


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