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The 10 Most Exclusive Boutiques Totally Worth Visiting

By Brody Patterson


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You can’t get an acclaimed fashion designer’s latest collection, the most exquisite jewelry, or the finest timepiece from just anywhere. A lot of the times, the stores selling these high-end products are veritable destinations in of themselves. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 10 boutiques which, more than any other such venues, would truly be worth a visit from luxuriously minded individuals.

10. Elizabeth Charles, San Francisco

Established in 2002, Elizabeth Charles is a high-end boutique which offers its affluent clientele the best from a multitude of luxurious brands. Located in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, the store is frequently visited by California’s most glamorous, thanks to its elegant design, excellent service, and the unique items on display from some of the world’s most sough-after collections.

For the very best experience, there’s also the possibility of scheduling a private appointment, something the most illustrious of patrons certainly take advantage of.

9. Penhaligon’s, London

Penhaligon’s is one of London’s most acclaimed luxury brands, holding two Royal Warrants from the British Crown. Its Covent Garden flagship store is a must for perfume aficionados visiting the English capital.

Opened 40 years ago, the store features a stylish, vintage look, but what contributes most to the atmosphere (literally!) is the mixture of scents from the perfumes constantly being sampled or the candles on display. It’s also a good idea to ask the staff for advice, as they have a very unique and poetic way of describing the fragrances, which definitely enhances the experience.

8. Ulysse Nardin, New York

Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin doesn’t have a lot of boutiques around the world. Placed in such locations as Geneva, Paris, or Singapore, they underline the brand’s highly exclusive ethos, only catering to the super-wealthy. So of course it had to have a store in New York City as well.

Opened in no less of a prestigious location than The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park, the venue offers the brand’s most popular models, including the latest special editions. As a nod to Ulysse Nardin’s nautical character, the exquisite timepieces are displayed in portholes and anchors embedded into the walls.

7. Harry Winston, Beverly Hills

Harry Winston is one of the most prestigious names in jewelry-making, a company which has purchased, cut, sold, and donated some of the world’s most famous gemstones, including the infamous Hope Diamond and the Napoleon Diamond Necklace. Its flagship store, located in the heart of Beverly Hills` Rodeo Drive (an established luxury shopping destination), is designed to cater to the affluent and discerning clientele you can imagine, including Hollywood movie stars and billionaires form all over the world.

Opened in January 2006 (just in time for that year’s movie award season), the venue is large, but quite private as well. The architect, Thierry Despont, wanted to create the feeling of being in a jewelry box, with its high ceilings and walls upholstered in cognac velvet, something the customers will definitely appreciate.

6. Roberto Cavalli, Milan

Via Montenapoleone is the epicenter of shopping in Milan, one of the world’s great fashion capitals, so it isn’t surprising you’re going to find plenty of luxury boutiques there, one of which is Roberto Cavalli’s flagship store.

The prestigious Italian brand opened the store in February 2014, a real five story mansion which is also the largest Cavalli boutique in the world. All of the label’s most sought-after creations are on display and available for purchase in this splendid store, and there’s even an atelier on the second floor where custom-made Roberto Cavalli clothing can be ordered.

We hope you found our list of the 10 most exclusive boutiques to visit useful until now. However, if you’d rather shop online and you’re looking for an affordable boutique that designs beautiful clothes, we suggest checking out the collections by MD Boutique Online.

5. Louis Vuitton, Paris

Even in a place like Paris, the flagship store of Louis Vuitton, on the famed Champs-Élysées, is a local landmark.

The store was designed, in a sense, as a continuation of the renowned promenade – what this means is that the retail areas are placed along a veritable indoor Parisian walk! Another impressive feature is the dramatic, 20-meter-high atrium, with its ceiling adorned with long metal rods that resemble sewing needles (placed end to end, these needles would equal the distance to and from Louis Vuitton’s original design house).

4. Loewe, Barcelona

Prestigious Spanish brand Loewe has its flagship store in the Lleó Morera House, a beautiful Art Nouveau building set along Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona’s most famous shopping street (and also Spain’s most expensive shopping district!).

The three-story boutique’s interiors are designed accordance with Loewe’s signature bronze and gold color palette, and offers vast spaces showcasing the brand’s latest collections for both men and women. An extra feature recently added is the VIP space, where customers are received by appointment and benefit from having the exclusive attention of two well-trained professionals.

3. House of Bijan, Beverly Hills

Established in 1976 by Iranian-born designer Bijan Pakzad (most of the time referred to simply as Bijan), this highly exclusive brand boasts one of the most impressive flagship stores ever.

Located on Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, the House of Bijan has been described as “the most expensive store in the world.” Located within a sumptuous $12 million mansion, this amazing showroom boasts magnificent marble floors, a striking perfume bottles chandelier, and a generous collection of beautiful artwork and antiques. Not surprisingly, all this opulence is accessible to just anyone, as the store is by appointment only, so you have to plan ahead to be able to go in and maybe purchase one of Bijan’s creations.

2. Oscar de la Renta, New York

Oscar de la Renta’s Madison Avenue boutique is New York City’s most expensive store, with a survey conducted a few years ago revealing its customers spend on average more than $3,000 when they visit. The store is designed to lure in the most discerning of crowds, with fine de la Renta furniture, coral stone walls brought in from the designer’s native Dominican Republic, plaster palm trees, and a shoe display set up like a catwalk in order to bring out the supermodel in every client.

1. House of Alfred Dunhill, London

British luxury goods brand Alfred Dunhill doesn’t have stores, but lavish venues offering a whole range of services known as Homes, scattered around the world in places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

The London Home is particularly ritzy: the only detached house in Mayfair, it is an aristocratic mansion which was once the London residence of the Duke of Westminster. The experience here includes a private consultation with an in-house tailor, but also potentially a visit to the barber, a nice drink at the stylish and discrete Cellar Bar, or even a full spa treatment. There’s also a private screening room which can accommodate up to 12 people, which illustrates just how welcoming the House of Alfred Dunhill can be.

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