Strength and Style – The Urwerk UR-105M Watch

Urwerk is a relatively young Swiss watchmaker that in spite of its age has already received a few awards and the admiration of watch aficionados with its innovative and complex designs. One of these impressive pieces is the new Urwerk UR-105M Watch.

With its tough build, this steel and titanium timepiece wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of a medieval knight in full armor. However the movement of the Urwerk UR-105M is anything but rough. Comprising four forged-aluminum satellites that “orbit” under the clear case on a sixty minute path, with an exposed numeral on the bottom showing the hour as it moves along a minute marker, the heart of the watch is as complicated as it is elegant. Furthermore, a second display and a power reserve indicator located on the sides offer the rest of the relevant information.

The Urwerk UR-105M Watch will be released as a limited edition later this year and while pricing details have not been announced (you’ll have to contact Urwerk directly for that), you can be sure each piece will cost a small fortune.