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Progetto Bolide Concept Looks Like a Work of Art

Progetto Bolide Concept

The Italian masters from Tankoa Yachts have recently joined hands with the Rome-based luxury design company Exclusiva Design, but it wasn’t just for a photo-shoot or a casual get-together. No, the result of this unique collaboration stands before you, so to speak, in the form of a mind blowing 72-meter superyacht dubbed as the Progetto Bolide Concept.

This ravishing concept was inspired by the 20th-century movement of futurism, with Exclusiva Design imagining the yacht’s futuristic and innovative lines with the cutting edge of the 20th century Italian art in mind. Don’t go back in time too much, as this vessel also features a high-tech wine cellar with its own integrated wi-fi system that helps passengers locate the correct bottle.

Progetto Bolide Concept

These two companies come from completely different fields, yet they managed to bring this incredible project to life, one that comes highly personalized – finalized and designed exclusively with the client in mind. Looking like a work of art in motion, this new Tankoa wonder seems ready to conquer the seas and win over your heart in the process.

The lucky owner(s) of this beauty will get to enjoy a massive suite, spread across two decks, with a drawing room, gym and spa, and a master bedroom featuring a skylight – just a small part of what this yacht has to offer. The interiors pictured here seem to match the exterior lines, but of course, the next owner will get to customize them as they wish.

It took two years of research, design and development to imagine Progetto Bolide, a vessel that aims to add new value to the world of luxury yachting. The 72-meter motor yacht will be powered by twin CAT engines, thus enabling it to achieve 18 knots and cruise at 12.5 knots.

Progetto Bolide Concept

Progetto Bolide Concept - Tankoa Yachts & Exclusiva Design

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