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Mondo Marine’s stylish 40.8m yacht Okko

By Adrian Prisca


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Okko, the ultimate entirely custom manufactured yacht in Mondo Marine’s fleet of luxurious vessels, is the 61st vessel signed by the world famous yacht builder. Measuring 40.8 meters in length, it mainly represents an additional proof of the exquisiteness and intricacy which have brought Mondo Marine among the most featured yacht manufacturers in the world.

Having been built on a three deck formation, the yacht boasts with exteriors and interiors penned down by Toy-A, Alexander Again and Giorgio Vafiadis. Catching our eyes through exquisiteness, luxury and top level contemporariness, the two strong features of the Okko are coziness and refinement.

For example, the aft deck has been fitted with a superb U-shaped sofa alongside a large table and some modern curved armchairs – this is indeed a great area of lounging and all sorts of gatherings. There is also a fully endowed bar nearby, which can provide enough substance to, let’s say, a cocktail night. Painted with golden, brown and crème tones, this spot is entirely warm and welcoming.

The main saloon is even better – it boasts with a somewhat classical design, providing both comfort and tranquility. Here, the designers and owners have opted for a honey, crème and brown palette, a delicate lighting scheme, highly glossy, lacquered Frakè wood and state of the art furnishing.

It sports a seating arrangement shaped like the letter U, with golden green upholstered large sofas, creamy off-white carpeting and Frakè walls, tabletops and cabinets. The main saloon was attached a partially separate area – the dining room. It further carries the theme of the main saloon alongside other additional, very interesting features like the wood inlaid dining table, a superb lighting fixture and decorations which remind of art deco.

The large table is surrounded by eight large, velvet upholstered dining chairs. An array of stalwart glass sliding doors and windows, providing breathtaking views of the local natural environment, surround this luxurious ambiance.

The interior decks are entirely connected by a fine staircase inside the grand central lobby. In here, the master suite occupies and main fore deck and features a walk-in wardrobe, ensuite bathrooms, private lobby and full beam stateroom, all garnished with classiness and ultimate luxury.

Yet again, elegant Frakè wood has been added as the main ingredient, providing naturalness and elegance. In order to ideally increase the size of this room, the designers have chosen to place a few mirrors in strategic spots, alongside an array of large windows port side. In addition, the master bathroom boasts with back-lit onyx surfaces and white marble touches, a separate WC and large shower area.

Furthermore, heading below decks, curious eyes are able to discover four additional guest suites, two wins and two doubles. Every corner of these areas has been superbly fitted and luxuriously garnished, adding to the theme of this opulent vessel. They provide coziness, refinement and airiness, which add to the comfort of the guests aboard the Okko.

Upstairs, an additional saloon is located, following the luxurious scheme of the yacht. It boasts large U-shaped seating and a light, warm color scheme. What makes this room stand out is its ability to work as a superbly fit place for long movie nights or other similar entertainment ideas.

Furthermore, the outskirts of this additional saloon are being trimmed with a full beam aft sofa and al fresco dining table, enhancing the idea of living and having fun outside, just like the area upstairs, with an additional round al fresco dining table and a full glass windscreen.

Above all decks, a stunningly beautiful area is the sundeck, with a large aft Jacuzzi and surrounding sun pads, also providing breathtaking views of the local natural surroundings.


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