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Limited edition Belvedere vodka Christmas gift pack

A great solution for those who look for a refined Christmas gift is presented by Belvedere in the form of a beautifully packed limited edition Vodka package. The special edition “Buche de Belvedere” Vodka is contained into an artistic casket and will come into a very small number of pieces. The casing is polished from chrome and silver, in the shape of a log, with the Belvedere name and a birch leaf on top of it.

Both the ends of this elegant set are imprinted in black with the name of the brand. Upon removing the top, one can notice the log-shaped acrylic casing, finished in wood, with the vodka bottle beautifully placed in it. The casing can also serve as a small ice-bucket, to serve your mates more easily.

Truth be told, the vodka alone is something out of the ordinary, being multi-distilled, with naturally purified ingredients. While the package comes only in 25 pieces, its exclusivity doesn’t reflect in the price. Costing just $335, this is a rare occasion to buy something this unique and elegant at such a low price.

But, if the price matters for you, there are also the “Belvedere for Cannes 2011” and “Opus Design Belvedere”, both of them being even more exquisite and rare.



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