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Lalique Helps Design The Beluga Limited-Edition Vodka

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Beluga Limited-Edition Vodka

Beluga, the noble Russian Vodka, has recently joined hands with the talented designers at French crystal and jewelry brand extraordinaire Lalique to create a limited-edition series of 1,000 decanters, that will redefine the way you look at an exquisite vodka from now on.

A perfect mix between Lalique’s amazing designs and the mesmerizing flavors of the Beluga spirit, this limited-edition series benefits from a decanter called Epicure. Designed to be a symbol of the present and a reminder of the good old days, each of these exquisite flasks is handmade by Lalique’s artisans and master polishers in France, with a unique serial number engraved on the bottom of each decanter.

Beluga Limited-Edition Vodka

Beluga’s Mariinsk Distillery then takes hold of these precious handcrafted bottles and add a refined vodka to the package, specially produced from a select wheat harvest and the purest water of Siberia. Before reaching your taste buds, the Epicure decanter stays perfectly still for exactly 100 days until it’s ready to be sent all over the world.

Of course, the Beluga Epicure by Lalique was officially presented in Russia, with the first batch of 1,000 bottles costing €11,000 ($12,274) each; you could also get this exquisite vodka for €6,000 ($6,695), when this limited edition is sold out, but you’ll have to pay more for exclusivity and some Lalique goodness.

Beluga Limited-Edition Vodka

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