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Keep An Eye Out For Trouble with the Cardinal Robotics Drone

By Victor Baker


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Cardinal Robotics Drone

It’s safe to assume we’re all concerned with the security and well-being of our loved ones nowadays; with that in mind, someone thought that hardwired or Wi-Fi surveillance cameras, and all other complex security systems, are a bit too old-school for modern times, that’s why they came up with this beautiful thing.

Cardinal is the world’s first autonomous surveillance drone, specifically developed by Cardinal Robotics to be used right at your home, or better said, around it. The Cardinal Robotics Drone is a lightweight device, packing a 14-megapixel camera that’s capable of shooting full and smooth 1080p videos thanks to a three-axis stabilization technology.

Cardinal Robotics Drone

The innovative surveillance drone is also nighttime compatible, with a near infrared camera and an on-board array of infrared LED lights. According to official Cardinal sources, the drone will stay up in the air for around 20 minutes and it’s capable of completing an entire sweep of your home in just two minutes.

Being that it’s the first of its kind, this drone’s exclusivity comes associated with an early bird price-tag of $4,000; you’d think for that kind of money this drone would be able to take on a T1000, but when this thing officially hits the market, it will retail for $6,000. Any thoughts or takers?

Cardinal Robotics Drone

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