The Intriguing Et No 1 Limited Edition Cognac by Chapters of Ampersand

Chapters of Ampersand was founded by Swedish businessmen aiming to create interesting products that are a mix of different visions and which bring together the character of different areas, an endeavor which often yields amazing results.

The Gothenburg-based company’s first release is a very special line of cognac called Et No 1. The first striking thing about it is the unusual shape of the bottle, created by acclaimed Swedish crystal artist Goran Warff. And the other half of this unique creation, the actual cognac, is just as impressive. Sourced from the cellars of Maison Tiffon, it is a blend of rare brandies aged for an average of 85 years, with the oldest dating back to 1870. Master Blender Folke Andersson is responsible for the end result, drawing on his 35 years of experience in the field to create this golden amber spirit with a full-bodied, well-matured nose, and apricot, sweet toffee, vanilla and liquorice aromas.

Each bottle of Et No 1 is individually signed and numbered

Et No 1 is a limited edition comprising just 300 bottles, each individually signed and numbered, and priced at around $7,750.