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Hotel Review: Seehof Nature Retreat

By Adrian Prisca


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For those keen on exploring mountains, hiking trails and extraordinary lakes, the Dolomites are probably some of the best mountains in the world. Utterly spectacular and tucked away in the northern part of Italy, just waiting to be discovered, the mighty Dolomites mountains offer some of the most breathtaking and remarkable sights on this planet. We’re sure everybody can agree on that.

Home to a wide range of alpine flora and fauna and miles upon miles of beautiful hiking trails, amazing cycling and climbing routes, plus the myriad of fairy tale-like meadows and alpine lakes make the Dolomites worthy of exploration. And the good part is that you don’t even need to walk for days on end into the wild to get to them as they’re by far some of the most accessible mountains on the planet.

Being an UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dolomites deserve all the praise they’ve received across the years and there’s no way you can’t find a reason not to visit them. No matter if you’re some crazy downhill biker looking for some extreme fun on those mountain trails or you’re just a simple tourist who gets enough excitement from a short walk in the middle of the nature, the Dolomites are waiting for you.

Our reason to visit them this year included a stay at the incredible Seehof Nature Retreat.

First Impression

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Located in the middle of a wonderful natural setting, in Naz Sciaves, near BreSSanone, in the heart of the charming Isarco Valley, Seehof Nature Retreat is a gorgeous family-run hotel, with its own natural lake and a magical spa. The hotel was renovated in these last couple of years and got some gorgeous additions to the original building, featuring 16 new suites and a separate wellbeing centre set by the water.

The concept of the hotel blends perfectly with the local scenery, not only on the outside but on the inside as well. The materials used for the construction of the hotel are a superb combination of local timber and stone, and the interior design was as well inspired from the surrounding landscape, respecting the local geography and the general context of the area.

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The place itself almost feels surreal. It’s less of a hotel and more of an experience. A very beautiful and relaxng one.

Everything there is in perfect harmony with nature and its laws. With the Tyrolean Mountains in the background, forests of pines and orchards of apple trees in the immediate surrounding and a lake that seems drawn out of a fairy tale, the Seehof Nature Retreat is the perfect place to be in and once you’re there, there’s nothing else in this world you’d rather be.

The location couldn’t have been better because all those magical sites like Lago di Braies, Val di Funes, Tre Cime, or cities like Brunico or Bolzano are well within reach should you feel like visiting them and the tranquility of those places will make you want nothing more. When you get back, this hotel will immerse you in a feeling of calmness and charm you with natural elements that will accompany you all the way to your room.


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During our few days at the spectacular Seehof Nature Retreat, we stayed in a Romantic Suite. And believe us, it felt like the room was a natural continuation of the breathtaking landscape surrounding the hotel. Everything inside was in perfect harmony with the outside, with wood and stone bringing warmth and intensity and the cooper making the previous two come together in equilibrium.

Out of the total of fifty rooms, the Romantic Suite is the biggest option, at 48.8 square meters, with a lovely large balcony which spans 18 square meters overlooking the lake. The room with smoked oak flooring is simply gorgeous, but the bathroom was even better. They’ve got an open bathroom with a rain effect shower, and we totally loved it.

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Among the other amenities in the room the are satellite TV, free WiFi, a minibar, safe, kettle. What we liked a lot was the reading corner with its comfy armchair and the French windows opening up to the wonderful views around. They’ve even got a beauty bench and free access to the wellness area. The Seehof Culinaria, with breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner, is another part that we enjoyed a lot.

Eating & Drinking

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The culinary part of the Seehof Nature Retreat is a wonderful mix of special daily treats which are announced on their blackboards. We loved the fact that every day we could choose to make ourselves some fresh juice from whatever fruits or vegetables we wanted. There’s also a bakery which has fresh bread every day and then there’s what they call the ‘butcher’ part, which offers typical salamis and some other very good meats. Eating at their restaurant is a fun and tasty experience.

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Everything is fresh, brought from local farms and produced right there. Their breakfast is full of savor, and the fresh fruit salads and the eggs make it that much more delicious. During the day, there are South Tyrol, Mediterranean and some other international dishes at your disposal, with every meal accompanied by a buffet of cheeses and salads.

You also have the option of booking a full-board (without drinks) for an extra charge. Should you happen to be there in their weekly themed evenings, make sure you don’t miss it. It’s always a wonderful experience.

Spa & Wellness

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The spa and wellness area at the Seehof Nature Retreat is one of the best relaxation spots we’ve ever seen. Being there feels like you’ve stepped into another dimension, one of relaxation and pampering.

The rightfully called ‘La PrimaVera’ area includes a Finnish sauna with lake access, a Roman bath, a heated indoor and outdoor infinity pool, Bio-sauna and plenty of their signature treatments which include rejuvenating massages with natural oils and herbs. Just choose whatever suits you best and let yourself relax for a whole day.

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We have to admit that the combination of spa and the natural lake nearby is divine, creating a wonderful balance between the freshness of the lake water and the warmth of the sauna. But the experience doesn’t stop there. It includes the scent of herbs and pine and apple trees around, the gentle ripples of the water and the clouds passing by reflected in the lake, making for one of the best spa experiences we’ve ever had.

The lake adjacent to the hotel’s wellness area is private, making the whole experience an intimate one, with nothing and nobody that can disturb it. And the landscape around couldn’t be better. Clear water and the surrounding mountains make everything like taken out from a fairy tale.

Final Thoughts

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If you’re looking for a place where you can forget about the real world for at least a couple of days, Seehof Nature Retreat is indeed a place of complete relaxation and well-being. Elegant and original, modern and fresh, it’s a precious family-run hotel surrounded by the stunning Dolomites. But that’s not all.

The hotel is also a great culinary center, one which combines amazing dishes from both the Mediterranean and South Tyrol. The staff was warm and welcoming and they always pay attention to your needs as a guest. Hotel Seehof Nature Retreat is a superb place, with a staff who knows how to make you relax and forget about your daily worries.

Where: Hotel Seehof – Nature Retreat
Flötscher 2 39040 Naz, Bressanone BZ, Italy
Phone: +39 0472 412120
Website: www.seehof.it

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  • Perfect Location
  • Amazing Owners & Staff
  • The Food? Incredible!
  • Wonderful Spa
  • Stunning Suites


  • Absolutely Nothing
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