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Hotel Review: Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel

By Adrian Prisca


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Capital of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany, Munich has a lot to offer to curious travelers. With the Bavarian Alps nearby and a historic inner city and old medieval walls telling tales from the past, this city is a true marvel. It’s both a town full of culture and one that loves good fun, with plenty of seasonal festivals, amazing churches and museums and the colorful activities for every tourist.

And since all that asks for at least a few nights there, we had to look for a proper accommodation to match our trip to Munich, which was the wonderful Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel. Constructed on the site of the old university library, the hotel’s location is simply perfect if you want something quiet but central at the same time.

It’s situated right within the verdant Lenbachgärten quarter and nearby the historic Königsplatz. Opened in 2007 by the renowned Rocco Forte family hotel chain, this hotel is not your usual five star property. It’s much more than that, as it even bears the name of the father of Sir Rocco Forte, a very renowned hotelier in its time.

First Impression

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The five star member of the Rocco Forte hotel chain in Munich was designed with the Cote D’Azur’s Belle Epoque hotels in mind, drawing inspiration from their elegance and beauty. Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel combines old and new, offering luxurious rooms, wide living spaces and French style balconies, complemented by limestone bathrooms and Italian toiletries.

With a relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous views and an ultra modern indoor pool, sauna and spa area, this hotel always makes you want to stay here forever. Though the hotel is new in its bones, that doesn’t stop you feel the elegance and refinement of the grand hotels of the Côte d‘Azur. Light and spacious, the Charles hotel brought a well deserved prestige to the area adjacent to the old botanical gardens of Munich.


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Rocco Forte The Charles has on offer some of the largest rooms and suites in Munich, with an interior decor that’s super chic, including artwork from several notable local artists. Most of the rooms and suites from the total of 136 overlook the Old Botanical Garden and the dramatic and historic rooftops of the city.

During our vacation there, we stayed in an elegant Superior Deluxe Room, which had the best to offer both in terms of interior design and outside views. The walls look stunning with the artworks of Hubertus von Hehonlohe decorating them and the views of the Old Botanical Garden were a welcome and calming plus. Adding more to the soothing feeling of the room, the limestone bathroom was marvelous.

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Heated floors, Forte Organics products and bespoke porcelain artwork from one of the oldest artisan in Bavaria made our days there so much better. Not to mention the walk in shower, tubs and separate toilets.

The room was super spacious and had a lovely French balcony overlooking the park. Everything seemed new, with nice furniture and decor, and the floor to ceiling windows letting in a lot of natural light.

Eating & Drinking

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The Charles’ restaurant has chef Michael Hüsken providing some of the best culinary creations in the world, using local products and ingredients to deliver delicious dishes that combine Bavarian flavors with Asian and Italian inspired tastes. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. The breakfast comes as a full buffet and the food is fresh and seasonal.

There’s as well Sophia’s, a restaurant, bar and cozy lounge next to the Old Botanical Garden which brings a new concept to the scene, the bistronomy. Think of that as gastronomic excellence and superb food served in a very laid back setting. Their new cocktail bar has its entrance right next to The Charles Hotel.

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For an unforgettable tea experience, you should try the Library, which offers a menu full of freshly baked delicious treats. The place’s walls are full of the works of Dante, Shakespeare, Flaubert or Kipling or portraits of great authors like Oscar Wilde or Virginia Wolf.

The teas are no less inviting, with picks from Indian, Sri Lanka, China and more, perfect for an afternoon indulgence on jewel bright velvets to comfort you after a full day of exploration.

Spa & Wellness

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As any hotel that respects itself, Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel in Munich has a spa & wellness area to match its name, including the largest indoor hotel pool in Munich. The spa features full treatments for everybody – men, women, kids or teenagers – from detox therapy to tropical massages and pedicure. It’s the perfect place to unwind and relax, all in the soft sounds of the music, with light essential oils aromas everywhere around.

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Their holistic approach to wellness impressed us, especially their signature Rocco Forte Rituals, with full body scrubs and amazingly stimulating massages. They use cleansing mud and sea algae wrap for detoxing and much, much more. Kids are not forgotten either, as they have special treatments for them as well at The Charles Spa.

The products they use, the exclusive Irene Forte Skincare, are all natural, with ingredients grown at their Verdura Resort in Sicily.

Final Thoughts

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After our three nights at The Charles Hotel in Munich, we were positively impressed. Although Munich itself was cold, the Rocco Forte hotel experience was simply terrific. The staff made our stay there warm with their wonderful and professional attitude. From the doorman, who greeted us enthusiastically to the smiling front desk team and concierge, everybody was doing a proper job helping and serving us.

The location of the hotel couldn’t have been better, especially if you plan on exploring the old city and relax in the soothing atmosphere of the botanical gardens. The well equipped gym and spa area plus the superb indoor pool were a big plus and the buffet breakfast was one of the best we’ve ever served.

Where: Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel
Sophienstraße 28, 80333 München, Germany
Phone: +49 89 5445550

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  • Great Location
  • Amazing Food
  • Excellent Staff
  • Best Spa in Munich
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