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Glider Yachts’ Super Sports 18 Sails From The Future

Super Sports 18

At least it looks that way, doesn’t it? Glider Yachts seems to have traveled into the future to get some inspiration for their latest project, and returned with the incredible design that is this Super Sports 18 yacht. Scheduled to be officially launched at the upcoming edition of the London On-Water, Yacht and Boat Show, this amazing thing is sure to get a lot of attention.

Super Sports 18 is the first in a series of luxury crafts developed by the UK-based company, and their vessel has already undergone a series of successful sea trials. This was necessary, as the yacht was designed to be a high performance day craft; an odd-looking one at that.

Super Sports 18

This is the culmination of 8 years of design and planning, which makes me wonder how did the designers imagine this thing so long ago? The vessel’s cabin shows off custom interiors, courtesy of Corbeau, with a modern cockpit and a bespoke dashboard.

Integrated system controls by Garmin are part of the design as well, helping you control this vessel’s funcitons easily. Constructed out of high-grade aluminium, the Super Sports 18 is powered by four 270-hp supercharged engines, which translates into an extraordinary top speed of 56 knots.

Not to be rude, or anything, but I can’t tell you anything about costs; we’re still in the dark on that one.

Super Sports 18


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