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Floating Palace ‘R&R’ Yacht Concept by Nick Mezas

By Adrian Prisca


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Trying to look into the future of luxury sailing, we discover more and more proofs that the yachting world is going towards a “floating palace” direction, in terms of great looks, efficiency, luxury and performance. Nick Mezas, world renowned yacht designer, has projected the “R&R”, a stunningly beautiful floating treasure. Actually, the name simply says it all about it – “Rest & Relaxation”.

With a sublime look that reflects the future, the designer beautifully used different combinations of tones – white, black and brown from the rear end to the open deck and the large solar panel, and pure white on the ship hall. In the back of the yacht one can find a coquette lounge and sitting spot plus a private swimming pool.

The inside of the vessel comprises a covered lounge area with flat screen TV, cinema, bar, dining room and a library and owner’s suite on the upper deck. The design of the interior furniture and decoration is plain simple, minimalistic, with hand-chipped veneered wood on the furniture and also mounted on the walls.

The overall contrast tone for the inside of the yacht is brown-white, first one coming from the wooden-made items and white from the upholstery, pillows and linings on the chairs and sofas. The bar and dining tables have an elliptical shape, with straight edges.

On the upper deck lays the most appealing part of the ship – the owner’s suit; with manually-crafted wood is of a specific essence, single grain textured, contrasting with the huge black-and-white bed, and also with the totally-black easy chair. All of these beautifully assort with the columns and ceilings. Outside the owner’s cabin one can notice a sitting area with a table and sofa.

The yacht will be able to accommodate a total of 11 guests and 19 crew members. It’s quite a long vessel, at 75 meters, and the displacement suits its size – 1913 tons. With an average recommended cruise speed of 16 knots, the 2 Diesel – electric APP Marine compact engines that let out 2,700 HP each can propel the ship at a maximum speed of 19 knots.

Until the price is revealed, we can only sit and wait to be told. Anyways, it’s definitely not going to be a low amount.


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