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Ferrari Takes the Portofino To the Next Level with ‘Modificata’

Ferrari Portofino M 2

Ferrari just unveiled the facelifted version of its entry-level GT Roadster – the Portofino M – which stands for Modificata. With more power, tech and significantly improved performance, the new Ferrari Portofino M comes with a redesigned powertrain, a brand new eight-speed gearbox and a five-position Manettino, that now includes a Race mode, a first for a Prancing Horse GT spider.

The Portofino ‘Modificata’ promises to offer a combination of sheer driving pleasure, authentic GT performance, and exceptional agility and versatility in everyday driving contexts. This beauty is powered by Ferrari’s impressive V8 turbo engine, the same unit that has been voted “International Engine of the Year” in these last for years.

But for the Portofino M, Ferrari’s engineers have managed to squeeze more power from this V8, using new cam profiles to increase valve lift and optimize combustion chamber filling. As a result, this stunning convertible has 620 horsepower under its hood, 20 hp more than the ‘old’ Ferrari Portofino. 

There’s also a new speed sensor, that has been added to the turbo assembly to measure its revolutions and a Gasoline Particulate Filter has been installed in the exhaust system to meet the strict European anti-pollution standards without compromising its unique driving experience.

Ferrari Portofino M 1

Apart from the new 8-speed gearbox, the Portofino M also features Variable Boost Management, an innovative control software which adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear selected. According to Ferrari, this leads to an increasingly powerful pick-up as you push the throttle, while optimizing fuel consumption. Of course, the eight gear also contributes to a significant reduction in fuel usage. 

Ferrari’s new GT convertible is also fitted with Side Slip Control (SSC), a system that uses a special algorithm which estimates in real time the side slip angle and delivers it to the various on-board control systems to coordinate any dynamics interventions. 

Design-wise, the Ferrari Portofino M is a little bit sportier and also feels more aggressive than its predecessor, with wraparound front bumpers that incorporate big, sculptural air intakes. The new GT Spider also comes with cool side air vents at wheel arch height, that were specially added to reduce the car’s overall drag. The grille has been updated as well, with aluminum slats and contrasting tips.

In the back, the Portofino M has a more streamlined and sculptural look, with redesigned bumpers and a rear diffuser that’s now separated from them. The car’s tail looks very compact, because the new exhaust system doesn’t come with the silencer assembly, and the finishing touch was adding a set of diamond-finished wheels, that were also specially designed for this model.

Ferrari Portofino M 3

Inside the cockpit, the Portofino M is equally stunning, featuring a sporty dashboard that’s divided into different levels by a central aluminum blade. This way, all the technical goodies and in-car devices are organized better than ever, while simultaneously defining the car’s full width dash. 

The horizontal blade divides the instrument panel, the air conditioning vents and the passenger display into separate areas in the upper side of the dashboard, while the other control functions are located below and a 10.25″ touchscreen sits right at the center.

The car’s seats have been also upgraded, with an innovative magnesium structure and an ultra compact seatback profile to free up more space for the rear passengers.

A voyage of rediscovery: the Ferrari Portofino M is unveiled

Ferrari Portofino M 4


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