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Enhance the Occasion with a Box of Roses from Roseshire

Even though we’re deep into the digital age, a time when all sorts of things with the “e-,“ “web-,” or “online” in their name have taken over what was traditionally seen as courtship, there still are people willing to go old-school and do the kind of things our grandparents would’ve recognized as romantic. These people just got some help from California-based company Roseshire, which has taken upon itself the task of making the simple act of giving flowers a memorable experience once again.

The roses themselves are top-quality, in accordance with the brand’s philosophy of only offering the best. Each flower comes with its own water tube, which helps to preserve its bloom, and has its thorns manually removed – so you get all of the beauty, and none of the beast. Each rose is then individually placed in an exquisite, customized sleek black box, which is almost as good-looking as the flowers themselves.

There are three kinds of arrangements available: Kiss (pink and red roses), Red (blood red roses), and Snow (white roses). Prices range from $129 for a dozen roses, to $325 for five dozen.

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