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The Electric-Powered Lightning LS-218 Is the World’s Fastest Production Bike

Though gaining ground fast, electric vehicles aren’t quite there yet when it comes to raw appeal. They’re still seen as sort of the nerdy version of their petrol-powered counterparts. But if there’s one way to change this perception, it’s by building something ridiculously powerful and outrageously fast. Something like the Lightning LS-218.

This stunning superbike is powered by a 200 horsepower engine that outputs an impressive 168 lbs.-ft. of torque. This allows the LS-218 to achieve an incredible tested maximum speed of 218 mph (or about 350 km/h) – which is where the machine got its name. Oh, this is also the fastest a production motorcycle has ever traveled and Lightning actually believes their creation can go even faster!

The LS-218 comes with Öhlins FGRT forks and TTX shock, magnesium Marchesini wheels and radial Brembo front brakes, with different battery options available, from the 12kWh to the 20kWh (the latter with a maximum range of 190 miles).

The record-breaking, lightning-fast Lightning LS-218 is set to launch in the US during this summer.


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