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Davidoff unveils the Puro d’Oro Gigantes Line of cigars

By Adrian Prisca


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The renowned cigar brand Davidoff are back in our attention with their ‘old’ Puro d’Oro line of cigars, with a new series called Gigantes. It includes a whole collection of large-sized cigars, decked with new looks and better taste.

The first time the Puro d’Oro series was brought to market was around April 2010, but the cigars lacked the name of Davidoff, being only recognizable via narrow, golden foot bands marked with the size of each cigar. The new edition features an enticing plait at the head of the cigar and a gold foot ring imprinted with the fabled brand’s name, which keeps the shiny, elegant Yamasa wrapper leaf tied together.

Unlike the original Puro d’Oro series, which boasts pretty small cigars in size, including the Magnificos – Robusto, (Ring Gauge 52, Length 5 inches 1/8”), Sublimes – Petit Panatela, (RG 38, L 4 ½”), Momentos – Petit Corona (RG 40, L 4”), Deliciosos – Corona, (RG 43, L 4 7/8”), Notables – Corona Gorda, (RG 46, L 5 5/8”) and the one available only in the US, the Eminentes – Large Toro, (RG 52, L 6”), the Gigantes line features large cigars, as the current market demands, with adjacently larger ring gauges – RG 56, L 5 ½”.

Worth mentioning – the Davidoff Puro d’Oro cigars are entirely made from Dominican-sourced leaves, bearing a stronger flavor than the common Davidoff cigars. They’ve been aged for at least 5 years, incorporating aromas that remind of fine spices and coffee.

As far as we know, the Puro d’Oro Gigantes line of cigars will be released sometime between July and August 2012.


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