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CellArt Combines Wine and Art Into One Stunning Concept

By Victor Baker


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I’m not sure what time it is where you’re reading this from; but, if it feels comfortable to you, by all means – grab a glass of wine and enjoy your favorite drink. As you do that, you should also think about the Montreal-based Luxury Wine Cellar and Wine Accessory creator CellArt.

The brilliant team behind this company aims to rethink what wine should be about, as it joins forces with a few interior design companies, to create some of the most spectacular wine showcases.

Combining wine and art, these talented artists managed to redesign wine spaces and wine objects, such as coasters, decanters, and even champagne buckets. As such, CellArt managed to unveil a few unique pieces of wine art, that could be a dream come true for any wine connoisseur.

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The first visionary collaborations of ‘wine art’ include CellArt working alongside names such as Myriam Dion, Yann Pocreau, and Samantha Holmes.

The Bronx-based artist Samantha Holmes has imagined a wine cellar meant for meditation, where mosaic and overlapping panels of gilded wood manage to blend in beautifully with the man-made environment of stained glass.

For his special project of wine art, the Montreal-based artist Yann Pocreau combined walnut and mirror brass to add his very special touch to a special wines showcase.

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Last but not least, Canadian artist Myriam Dion – with the aid of an accurate hand-cutting technique – made sure that gold leaf and cut-outs add exclusivity and symmetry to a place where wine connoisseurs could store and organize their precious vintages. 

Do you want a distinctive wine display for your home? CellArt has another answer for that. Made of natural woods, Le Présentoir was handcrafted from a selection of dark to chocolate brown woods to showcase exceptional bottles – distinctly numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

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Wine coaster set Les Dessous de Flacons is comprised of three organically shaped plates, each of which was made of light to dark brown rich woods inlaid with black ebony.

Le Seau à Champagne – Sparkling Wood might just be something that wine lovers don’t think about, all that often. A one-of-a-kind 3-pieces Champagne bucket, made of carefully selected woods and featuring a stainless steel mirror interior stand, this thing will keep your favorite drink chilled.

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CellArt’s commitment to luxury elements and outrageous wine cellars is obvious, by now. But, did you know that the brand has also recently launched a Yacht Wine Storage Collection? This means you could integrate your dream wine cellar within your very own superyacht.

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