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Catherine Palace Pen of the Year 2014 by Faber-Castell

By Brody Patterson


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Computers and smartphones have made traditional writing instruments all but obsolete from a utilitarian standpoint. But the air of class a well-crafted pen gives you is still irreplaceable. Nothing epitomizes this idea better than the Pen of the Year 2014 edition by Faber-Castell.

Made as an homage to Russian Empress Catherine the Great, it is specifically dedicated her world-renowned Palace. This luxurious special edition pen is available in two versions, combining either 24-karat gold or platinum plating with jasper and Russian quartz stones to great effect.

Inspired by the Agate Rooms, The Catherine Palace Pen of the Year truly brings the luster and aesthetics of the era to life with its exquisite workmanship.

Each piece is individually numbered and comes in a highly polished, deep-black wooden case, which can also be used as a collector’s case, with a second insert having room for another six writing instruments.

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