Vlad Craciun

Staff Writer

Vlad fell in love with writing after doing a comfort zone challenge. Since then, he has accumulated over 7 years of experience writing content on a wide range of subjects such as travel, cars, motorcycles, technology and gadgets, and his newly discovered passion, watches.

With a deep and honest fascination for the open road and the places that get left behind, he’s often wandering off the beaten path, preferably on a motorcycle. He’s in love with two wheeled machines and the freedom and thrills that motorcycle travel provides.

Photography, airplanes, and beautiful, remote corners of the Earth are some of his other interests. And he’s an EDC gear nerd as well.



Vlad is a freelance writer, editor, and strategist, who covers everything from luxury hotels, cars and motorcycles, to food, wine and spirits. He's a solo travel advocate, with a passion for mountains and the great outdoors, and he just loves immersing in other cultures like a local.

He's also an aviation and transportation enthusiast and a licensed mountain guide, that's why he can help you with first-hand experience and advice about the outdoors, and an aviation and transportation enthusiast.

When he's not not traveling or writing, he's either reading, playing the guitar or planning his next solo motorcycle journey across Asia.


Vlad graduated from the the AFT Academy.

EXPERTISE: Cars, Motorcycles, Travel & Adventure, Tech & Gadgets, Watches and more.
LOCATION: (now in) Tenerife, Spain
TITLE: Staff Writer

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