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Aqua Expeditions will charm you with Two Peruvian Cruise Vessels

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Aqua Expeditions

The Amazon rainforest is probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, teeming with wild animals like macaws, monkeys and iguanas, just to name a few. And if fishing for piranhas, spotting the parrots or looking out for pink dolphins is your way of having fun, you should definitely visit this magical place.

A voyage here with Aqua Expeditions might be the best way to admire the unique beauty and savor the mystery of the Amazon rainforest, as you cruise the Ucayali, Marañon, and Dorado rivers, in charming Peruvian vessels, like these two yachts that have been recently refurbished by Aqua Expeditions.

The Aqua Amazon and the Aria Amazon are just as good as new, if not even better, as architect Jordi Puig, who designed the boats, refurbished them almost completely, adding all-new woodwork, paint, floors, classy furniture, wall coverings, light fixtures, and tiles to the amazing vessels.

Aqua Expeditions

The world’s finest artisans were responsible for the refined interior furnishings, with plates handcrafted by Indonesian company Gaya Ceramic and chairs and barstools created by Shanghai design firm Stellar Works. Also part of this exquisite package were the acrylic shower tiles from Thai-based Sonite Innovative Surfaces and the Amazonia hardwood that was used for all interior veneers and finishes.

The 16-cabin Aria Amazon and the 12-cabin Aqua Amazon vessels have been also equipped with new skiffs, where up to 10 passengers can enjoy the ride. Both ships will excite your taste buds with delicious Peruvian food, while passengers may also enjoy spacious suites with oversized windows and dreamy observation decks outdoors.

Aqua Expeditions


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