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Danny Thomas’ Staggering Beverly Hills Estate is listed at $135 million

By Victor Baker


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Danny Thomas estate

One of the most expensive real estate listings in the United States, this breathtaking estate was once owned by Danny Thomas, the renowned actor who made a name for himself with “Make Room for Daddy” back in the 1950s. Located in Beverly Hills’ celebrity-ridden Trousdale Estates, this property will set you back around $135 million, if you can afford it, of course.

Danny Thomas had this incredible Moorish-style mansion built for himself and his family in 1970, boasting 18,000 square feet of living space and sitting on a massive 2.5-acre promontory.  A renovation worth millions has been done throughout the years, in order to emphasize the Moorish design.

Danny Thomas estate

What makes this estate so valuable is actually its site, the grounds and the stunning views it provides, not to mention the fact that back in the days when Danny Thomas lived here, his home was frequently visited by his star friends: Frank Sinatra, Groucho Marx, Fred Astaire and Elvis Presley.

Is it expensive? No doubt about that, but you’d be buying a piece of history, not to mention one of the most incredible properties in Los Angeles, and the entire world as well.

Danny Thomas estate


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