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An All-Wheel-Drive Mopar Dodge Challenger Is Unheard Of

By Victor Baker


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Mopar Dodge Challenger

The famous tuner Mopar has developed an exciting all-wheel-drive version of the Dodge Challenger for this year’s SEMA show. Now, that’s unheard of; a muscle car that would be perfect for any type of weather, but who said that it would be boring? The official tuning arm of FCA borrowed components from two different models in order to create the first AWD Challenger.

The vehicle features a four-wheel drive system sourced from a police car version of the Charger, while the eight-speed automatic transmission comes out of a Chrysler 300. There’s also a wide body-kit, bigger brakes, a lowered suspension and a reinforced chassis with sway bars and strut bars.

Mopar Dodge Challenger

In case you’re wondering what it hides under the bonnet, Mopar will definitely make your day, as the company has announced the debut of the Scat Pack 3. The upgrade is aimed at vehicles equipped with the 5.7-litre Hemi V8 engine, adding some extra ponies to its power: 75 hp and 44 lb ft of torque, to be more exact. As a result, the Dodge Challenger will benefit from a total of 515 hp and 494 lb ft of torque.

The same upgrade was applied to the Dodge Charger Deep Stage 3 show car, and Mopar also showed off the Dodge Dart GLH concept, a menacing blacked-out version of the popular vehicle which features a new sport hood. How cool is that?

Mopar Dodge Challenger

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