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The Aglaia Sail Yacht from Vitters Shipyard

By Adrian Prisca


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We’re used to write a lot about luxurious yachts, but this one is going to be pretty short because we don’t know if we can find the right words to describe this beauty. Built by Vitters Shipyard in the Netherlands, the Aglaia is a 66m sail yacht that’s more than just a luxury cruise, it’s like an art gallery on water.

The yacht’s main sail is actually a 3,600 sqm canvas painting by Magne Furuholmen which actually might make it the largest canvas painting in the world. The sail is hoisted to an 83m carbon mast that’s fused to the deck of the yacht below. Together, the main sail and the technology of the carbon mast could take this sail yacht to speeds comparable to racing yachts.

The Aglaia Sail Yacht comes with a living section with curvy windows that rises above the living quarters below, all laced with fine wood for cruising and relaxing and with luxurious amenities. We’re going to let the photos do the rest of the talking for us.


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