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Tom Dixon Designed These Lavish Suites for Virgin’s first cruise ship – The Scarlet Lady

By Adrian Prisca


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Tom Dixon Virgin Cruise suites

Ever since Richard Branson has announced plans to venture into the world of cruise liners, we knew Virgin Voyages and the company’s first cruise ship, The Scarlet Lady, was going to be something special. Inspired by the modern romance of sailing, this luxurious cruise ship will debut in 2020, with room for more than 2,700 passengers, staffed by a massive crew of 1,150.

Some of the bespoke spaces aboard the Scarlet Lady include Richard’s Rooftop, an exclusive, super chic outdoor lounge for the ship’s suite guests only, featuring dichriotic glass that would cast rainbow reflections across the lounge, or The Manor, a signature nightclub inspired by Richard Brandon’s successful part in the music industry and his very first music studio.

Today we have even more good news about the Scarlet Lady.

Virgin has convinced the acclaimed British designer Tom Dixon to design the cruise ship’s luxurious suites. Called RockStar, these suites will have a stunning retro-futuristic look, blending opulence, comfort and contemporary vibes in the most beautiful way possible.

The Scarlet Lady will have 78 RockStar suites, split in eight different variations: the Massive Suite, Fab Suites, Posh Suites, Gorgeous suites, Brilliant suites, Cheeky Corner, Sweet Aft and Seriously suites. You gotta love those quirky names, right?

Tom Dixon Virgin Cruise suites

Tom Dixon wanted to throw out the traditional clichés about luxury and formalities and planned to bring “rebellious luxe to life at sea” – we’re sure Richard Branson loved this idea as well. The RockStar suites combine exquisite leather finishes with brass furnishings and cool nautical elements and color themes, while the marble-clad bathrooms, finished with plush terrazzo flooring, further enhance the contemporary aesthetics of each suite.

The largest suite is obviously the Massive Suite, a 200 square-metre retreat with a huge sea terrace, boasting an outdoor jacuzzi, a dining table for six, a catamaran net for stargazing, hammocks and also a small bar and a meditation area overlooking the sea. Inside, the massive suite will be able to accommodate six people, with a large living room, a wonderful music room and a bedroom.

Seven other suites also include their own sea terrace, which is illuminated at night with a lovely purple light. They also come with a fully stocked bar, adjustable lighting and furnished with custom items designed by Tom Dixon himself.

But the most Instagrammable spot will be in the Sweet Aft suites, positioned centrally at the aft or in the back of the ship, with a serene wake view straight from the bed or even from the shower.

Each suite comes with “VIP perks” like a personal assistant (Rockstar coordination), private transportation, a team that will help you pack and unpack, complimentary pressing and drying service, and best of all, access to the exclusive Rooftop club.

Tom Dixon Virgin Cruise suites

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