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The Sygnet Grand Piano Adds Artistic Value To Any Superyacht

Sygnet Grand Piano

We’re pretty sure every man, or woman, has dreamed at one point in their lives about owning a superyacht. As cool and as expensive that might sound, there’s something else that might tickle your fancy, and possibly your eardrums.

Aside from every conceivable luxury, the only missing thing to a sleek superyacht is the wonderful Sygnet Grand Piano, designed by Goldfinch. This beauty is actually the smallest grand piano in the world, measuring only 127 cm in width, and it’s also the only piano that’s ideal for superyacht use.

Sygnet Grand Piano

Available with Goldfinch’s renowned Virtuoso self-playing feature, the Sygnet Grand Piano will allow those of us with less or no talent at all to benefit from its majestic sounds as well. The beautiful contemporary curves of this piano will also make it the focal piece of any room, adding an exquisite touch to your yacht.

Hand built in Cambridge, and featuring a chic English-inspired design, this self-playing acoustic grand piano features wireless iPod controls, a solid spruce German “Strunz” soundboard, “Abel” hammers and state-of-the-art Carbon Fiber action. As such, the $100,000 price-tag should not surprise anyone.

Sygnet Grand Piano


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