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The dreamy Kokomo Floating Island Is Exclusive And Private

By Victor Baker


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Kokomo Floating Island

These images depict the futuristic Kokomo Floating Island, a remarkable submersible island imagined by the engineers and designers from the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht company. This is the world’s only island for private superyachts and submarines, set to be launched at the Monaco Yacht Show this week.

The Kokomo Island is 117 m wide, features a beam of 78 m and an adjustable draft of 20.5 – 9,7 m which allows vessels to navigate into and out of shallow waters, and it can also recover submarines in its underwater docks. The unique island concept was designed to be used in tandem with a Migaloo superyacht, submarine or mini subs.

Kokomo Floating Island

But that’s not all. The island will also blow everyone else out of the water with the spectacular owner’s penthouse, located 80 m above sea level, also featuring a jungle deck, palm trees and vertical gardens. There’s also a beach deck which offers a swimming pool and a garden deck for outdoor dining,

The Kokomo Floating Island will also come with large pools and waterfalls, two beach clubs, a stunning underwater dining saloon and massive storage for tenders and toys. The overall design allows for state-of-the-art megayacht amenities to blend in with the dramatic flair of an exotic island.

If we were to believe the models, part of this exclusive package will be spa areas with Jacuzzis and pools, helipads and large beach terraces and also worth mentioning are the tender bays for boats and mini-subs, along with the fact that vessels can be completely personalized to the customer’s taste.

Kokomo Floating Island

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