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The Döttling Colosimo Is A Tiny Safe for Watches

Döttling Colosimo

The high-end German safe maker Dottling has created the ultimate safe for watch collectors who want to protect their most precious watch: a tiny safe called Döttling Colosimo. The name has nothing to do with a colossus but it refers to Jim Colosino, an early 20th century gangster and bacnk robber.

Safe’s like this one were built in banks at the time to stop likes of him but Dottling’s Colosimo is a 1:13 scale model of one. The fantastic looking safe could hold only one watch but it also has a watch winder that makes it even more interesting.

The watch case safe is fully functional and it has 16 radially arranged locking bolts and 32 gilged cogs to make it work. It’s made entirely of German stainless steel and even though it’s just about 11 inch wide it weights about 66 pounds! The safe can be opened with a three digit combination.

The Döttling Colosimo costs $23,800 and it also comes with mounting equipment and also a luxury finishing.



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