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Oakley and The Macallan present “The Flask”

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The Macallan is not only renowned for the exquisite whisky it distils, but also for the partnerships it starts. The brand has recently teamed up with Oakley Inc., luxury lifestyle and sport items brand, to design a limited edition whisky box.

The final product, known as The Flask, is something truly out of the ordinary, having been described as “the purveyor of pleasure for whisky aficionados across the globe”. It boasts an adventurous character and edgy appearance, reportedly meant to infuse life within Macallan’s credentials in innovation whilst closely knit to exquisite craftsmanship and committed to precision.

The Flask encompasses a laser-welded inner center, crafted from food-grade steel, shod by a carbon fiber composite case. The outer shell was crafted from black anodized 5-axis-machined aerospace grade aluminium. The design of the bottle is quite nice, in my opinion, with an equal level of oddness. Of course, one can’t just pick it up and hide it in the coat pocket.

It’s not meant for hiding, it is in fact manufactured to be used, enjoyed and shared. This is proven by the small rectangular air vent on the side of the funnel, ensuring ventilation, and the rubberized bottom which ensures a fine grip. It’s not a desired option to have the bottle slip from your hand while trying to enjoy a sip of Macallan.

Furthermore, to allow for the most effortless drinking, the cap of The Flask is double sprung, keeping away from one’s mouth and providing smooth closing and opening. And in order to ensure intimacy between the mouthpiece and the mouth, the funnel was crafted from machined aluminium.

The Flask is limited to just 500 units, each priced at $910 and purchasable directly from the website of the brand.

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