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Magico S5 modern loudspeakers by musician Alon Wolf

By Adrian Prisca


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What’s better than lounging in your living room and listening to top quality music? The Magico S5 loudspeaker is a thing of beauty that raises every hair on your body while drawing out gorgeous sounds. Its designer is the renowned musician Alan Wolfe. He crafted these floor standing instances to take the listener to the upper-most levels of audio.

The speakers boast with 3-way sound and 4-driver set, encased in ½ inch thick aluminum. The set draws its power and quality from the previous M5 and V3, which where stars. The case plays a significant role in the sound output, thanks to the extruded aluminum casing with anodized finishing, adding a lot more to the quality and power of the sound, and, why, the looks. The crafters have intensively taken-care to eliminate distortions, diffraction effects, internal resonance and sound dampening.

But the box isn’t everything. It needs a powerful system to be able to play nicely. Thus Alan Wolfe installed a dual neodymium motor system, the 6-inch M380 mid-range driver, with titanium coils for the highest-quality sounds. They come out thanks to the 2 hybrid nano-tech bass drivers and the beryllium diaphragm MB-30 1-inch tweeter. The clarity and quality of the sound inspire nature and makes anyone near them an audiophile.

The recommended power range for this set is between 50-1200 Watts, while the frequency response revolves between 50 Hz and 22 Hz. The set may come in different tones of color, like red, tangerine, blue, black and lime green. Furthermore, if the customer wants something a bit different, they can be custom-painted.

The price of these beauties is $28,600 dollars, and they will be put on sale during the 2nd quarter of 2012.


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