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Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chronograph

The Baselworld has become a must-visit for the true enthusiasts of watchmaking and jewelcrafting. And yes, the 2013 edition of the show hasn’t at all disappointed in any ways. The Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chronograph was unveiled on the occasion of the show, having been manufactured at the brand’s La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton.

The most interesting and intriguing part of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chronograph is the complex set of mechanisms, described as “a single push-bi chronograph with differential display”. Thanks to that, the timepiece has the exceptional ability to measure two distinct times, concurrently displayed alongside the difference between them, “all at once on the same dial”. Four different motors are daily taking care of the function, three of them following the bi-chronograph function of the LV Tambour. And a very cool touch is its transparent rear side, which superbly shows the complexity of the high-end mechanism.

In addition to the mechanism, the timepiece sports a dial finished in 18-carat white gold, water resistance of up to 100 meters and double sapphire crystals. Due to the complexity of the mechanism, each watch takes a stupefying 4 years of painstaking manufacture, therefore the series is limited to just 30 units. They will all be available for purchase.



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