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Light is Time – An Awesome Installation by Artist Tsuyoshi Tone and Citizen

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Here’s an awesome installation created by the Japanese watchmaker Citizen, in collaboration with Parisian architect Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT.

The setup is (cleverly) called Light is Time and is comprised of no fewer than 65,000 flittering watch main plates (the basic component of the basic, upon which everything else is built), each suspended from metal threads hanging from the ceilings of Tokyo’s Spiral gallery. The installation was actually first showcased earlier this year in April, during the Milan Design Week, when 80,000 main plates were used.

Visitors had the opportunity to actually walk through this unique work of art, basking in its shimmering beauty. According to Tusyoshi Tane, the aim of the installation is to remind people of the relationship between light and time, by highlighting this connection between light and timekeeping. Whatever its philosophical and artistic implication, Light is Time is an amazing and awe-inspiring installation – you can get a sense of that by watching the images below.

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