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HYT’s first timepiece, the H1 Watch, is absolutely incredible!

Not just one new addition to the world of timekeeping, but a gorgeous piece of engineering with splendid design. HYT’s first official watch-release is the HYT H1 Watch, a marvelous timepiece that works using liquid. HYT, which stands for “Hydro Mechanical Horologists”, is the current owner of no less than seven patents concerning their H1 and are starting to pave their way into functional and aesthetic watch-making, led by Vincent Perriard.

The watch will come in three types of cases, titanium, black DLC-coated titanium and respectively red gold. It’s quite a large sized watch, with dimensions of 48mm x 18mm, impression which is a bit lessened by the minimalist-designed bezel. The watch also features a luminescent greenish ring around the dial.

This has a real function – showing the hours on a circular path around the edge of the dial – an interesting principle that will surely have its fans. The quite visible parts are the pistons at the bottom of the dial – they have important functionality as well, pushing and pulling the liquid throughout the round tube.

The side that contains the minutes is located on the medium-sized sub-dial near the center top watch, assisted by a paddle-wheel-seconds hand to the left. The power reserve indicator is located on the right and runs up to 65 hours.

This particular timepiece is a revolution in watch-making industry, especially when talking about design, also being highly-advantaged by the non-bling looks of it, inspiring a good load of elegance. The cheapest of the series is the HYT H1 titanium model, purchasable for $45,000, while the rose gold and titanium DLC-coated models’ price will go much higher.




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