Guinness World’s First Deep Sea Bar by Jump Studio

On the occasion of the 250-year anniversary of Guinness, a submarine had been transformed into the World’s First and Only Deep Sea Bar. The overwhelming task had been dearly undertaken by Jump Studios, from London. Collaborating with engineer and carpenter Nicholas Alexander, they’ve taken measurements of the submarine in Sweden’s Stockholm Archipelago.

They’ve needed these for the construction of a new pre-fabricated interior shell, assembling it in harsh conditions, under negative temperatures, right before placing the bar to its final resting place, on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. As you can see in the photos, the submarine boasts a 118 square feet interior decked with rubber discs and covered with glass and reinforced plastic materials.

Within the bar itself, bubble-like features can be noticed, some of them filled with LED lights, while others can serve has drink sustentations. In addition, the seating consists of specially crafted nooks, while the tables perfectly blend into this fine artificial environment.

The depth the bar is located at has brought a few major challenges, regarding safety – the mechanics are monitored daily, while ventilation and fire safety protocols have been strictly followed. This remarkable project had been commissioned for the Guinness Sea Experience competition, as a celebration of its 250 years activity.

And yes, just 250 years have passed since Arthur Guinness had signed the 9,000-year lease on the fabled St. James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin. Among the three prizes that have been offered as part of the global promotion, one consists of a trip inside this custom-built Guinness-branded submarine.