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Floral Jewels by Carol Woolton Tells the Story of Flowers in Fine Jewelry

By Brody Patterson


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Carol Woolton, jewelry editor for Vogue magazine, is a leading authority on antique and contemporary jewelry. Drawing on her expertise and passion for the craft, Woolton has released a book detailing the history of flowers in jewelry titled simply Floral Jewels.

The book is divided into four ‘seasons’ and presents the history of floral jewelry, focusing on the work of the world’s leading designers. From the botanical pieces created by luminaries like René Lalique and Peter Carl Fabergé, to the beautiful works of the Belle Époque, to the 1920s, when Coco Chanel first started incorporating her favorite flower, the camellia, into her jewelry designs – the story unfolds before the reader’s eyes in a series of 200 beautiful photographs, illustrations, sketches and gouaches. Acclaimed Parisian jeweler JAR, whose creations are also featured in the work, has written the foreword to the 172-page book.

Floral Jewels by Carol Woolton was published on October 1st by Prestel and is an excellent read for anyone interested in the history of fine jewelry.

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