Exquisite Label 5 receives two gold medals

Scotch whisky – one of the most precious drinks there are – its quality is quite easily confirmable by those with the know-how. But when official committees come into picture, it all gets professional and much more certain. More specifically, Label 5 has recently been nominated as the leading blended Scotch Whisky on the occasion of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Don’t however dare to think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime nomination. Oh, no! Label 5 has already been awarded with quite a respectable number of medals, but the brand has now won the Gold Model with the Label 5 Classic Black. An exquisite blend of classic scotch whisky, it amazes through the sensational smoky and malty flavors, with shy notes of fruit and flowers. Moreover, the same liquor has already won the bronze medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards, in China and Hong Kong.

In addition, during the same competition, the Gold Medal was presented to the Label 5 Extra Premium 12YO – the so-called Trophy Winner in the precious category of Scotch Whisky drinks.