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Dixon Yacht’s Project NewDawn Promises to be a Game Changer

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the world’s leading yacht design studios, the Southampton-based Dixon Yacht Design, has recently unveiled a new incredible sailing yacht concept, a game changing 70-metre vessel called Project NewDawn. Designed to offer effortless sailing performance, with gorgeous exterior lines and a comfortable interior that feels more like a luxury motor yacht, this yacht might be everyone’s dream come true.

The yacht features easy to operate Falcon Rigs to reach its maximum sailing potential with minimal effort, with the twin rigs offering the best sail area to its displacement ratio. The 1135GT Project NewDawn was imagined with a lightweight aluminium alloy superstructure, complemented by a high tensile steel hull and a fixed keel, with a partially ballasted centreboard.

With this configuration, Dixon Yacht’s newest project will be able to reach a maximum speed of 19 knots.

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Inside, Project NewDawn will have an airy layout that features many design cues that are generally found on motor yachts. The 70-metre sailing vessel will have a large, glazed sun deck saloon, facing aft to a lovely swimming pool to offer amazing views and a luxurious onboard experience.

The yacht will come with four spacious guest cabins and a full-beam owner’s suite, each of them featuring small balconies where your morning coffee get a new meaning. Project NewDawn was also imagined with room for a seven-metre limousine or sports tender, and it’s also equipped with an embarkation tender platform that leads straight to the main deck lobby.

In terms of performance, the yacht would be powered by an advanced hybrid propulsion system that will constantly optimize its energy usage, with an energy recovery system which uses the yacht’s propulsion propellers to generate more electricity while the vessel sails to its destination.

The yacht will also feature a heat recovery system that makes it even more energy efficient. In addition to all this, the team from Dixon Yacht also thought about adding solar cells into the glass panels of the yacht’s roof structure and they’ve also designed the side windows with insulating glass to shield the interior from any solar damage.

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