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Beverly Hills’ Maison 613 Is A Statement of Opulence

By Victor Baker


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Maison 613

Maison 613 is the name to keep in mind here, as this incredible piece of property aims to set new standards of elegance, beauty, and sophistication within the lovely residential landscape of Beverly Hills. Designed by architect extraordinaire Roy Sklarin back in 1921, this lavish home can be found in the Golden Flats, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the entire world.

The extraordinary estate in front of you offers 21,000 square feet of glamorous details and amenities, such as seven bedroom suites, an incredible master suite with an outdoor Jacuzzi, and many other goodies. A breathtaking kitchen, 17 bathrooms, and a paneled library aim to satisfy any owner, although the state-of-the-art home theater takes the cake.

Maison 613

An indoor basketball court is surely a great way to spend your free time here, while the beauty salon will cater to any beauty needs, and an advanced security system will keep you safe at all times. This is the ultimate environment for entertaining your friends or family, as it is for simply unwinding; for instance, after dinner you could relax in the piano room, or you could head outside where the backyard is complete with flat park-like grounds.

A grand dining patio with a fireplace is also there, plus a gorgeous resort-size swimming pool and a spa that will keep anyone smiling throughout the evening. Angelic water fountains and a beautiful walkway will guide you throughout the grounds, with antique lanterns lighting the way. The price for such exclusivity? ‘Only’ $39,995,000.

Maison 613

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